The Whispers continue to press on with the goal of re-recording their celebrated catalog of music. November 24, 2023 marks the release of their fifth catalog single, "This Christmas."  Arranged, engineered and mixed by Magic Mendez.


New Release of "OLIVIA"

The Whispers released the new version of "Olivia" on June 30, 2023, adding to their catalog of songs that they own the masters to.  The soundtrack and mix is by Magic Mendez, their longtime producer and arranger. It's available for download on our music page.


New Release of "Keep On Loving Me"

The legendary Whispers continues their pursuit of owning their music catalog with their re-recording of "Keep On Loving Me".  Magic Mendez excels again with the production and instrumentals.

12-29-2022 ROCK STEADY

Extended dance version

Whispers add the extended dance version of 
Rock Steady" to their growing catalog of hits where they own the sound recording, not the traditional record companies.

11-4-2022 whispers release latest re-recoring

rock steady (whispers' radio version)

Our latest release features "Rock Steady (Whispers' Radi Version)."  It can be downloaded now in our "Music" section. It's also on all streaming sites.  Be sure to download our version. There are many versions out there. If it doesn't have the tag,"Whispers' Version" it's not ours. This is our goal to own our music and reap the rewards that record labels reaped for decades. Check it out on Youtube.

September 23, 2022

Whispers Release Re-record Dance Single of "And the Beat Goes on."

The Whispers' dance version of "And the Beat Goes On," is now available to download on their website and on on all streaming sites. It's the latest addition to their catalog of re-recorded hits to gain ownership of their masters.

September 9, 2022

Whispers Release first Re-record single

With over 58 years in the music industry and a myriad of disappointments with traditional record companies, the Whispers have embarkedon a journeyto re-record covers of their catalog hits. The tag, "Whispers' Version," will be included on each title so fans can distinguish their versions from those owned by the record companies and conglomerates. The first single to drop is "Ane the Beat Goes On (Whispers' Radio Version)" to be followed by the extended dance version.

All Whispers' musical compositions with their vocals on them are considered their "catalog." In most cases, the record companies own the copyright to the sound recording (Masters), and the writer owns the copyright to the lyrics and composition. Th Artist has no ownership or control, receiving a very small percentage of the song's proceeds.

The Whispers ae one of the first "old school" artists to take control of their music by owning their masters and leaving a lasting income stream to their families.

April 15, 2022

Praise his holy name (steppers remix)

Kingdom Records re-released a new version of  "Praise His Holy Name" a cut from their "Thankful" Album.  The composer is Maurice Joshua, and the writers are Magic Mendez and Merrily Garrett.  It was followed by the House Remix.

OCTOBER 15, 2021


The Whispers' first single of 2021 was an independent release by the Whispers in partnership with B & A Entertainment as the distributor and administrator. Touting a romantic funky groove, it exemplifies their specialty of classic soul music. With lead vocals by Scotty and Walter Scott, It was wirtten by Derrick E. Pearson and produced by the incomparable Magic Mendez.  Background vocals include Leaveil Degree, Magic Mendez and The Whispers' Orchestra's 1st Lady Harmony Blackwell.


A Message of Love and Unity

Independently released, composed and written by the Whispers' long time producer Magic Mendez, the Whispers were moved to share their vision of a world where love is the answer.